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A Cellist’s Companion

A Comprehensive Catalogue of Cello Music

All sellers of newly printed versions of the paperback are selling/distributing the catalog in violation of copyright.

The only legal version of a cellists companion is the hardcover, which is available exclusively from the authors.


Our contract with lulu.com was cancelled in 2020, and the paperback book has been removed from their site. worldwide distrubution by other resellers, as part of the lulu contracht have expired with the cancellation of the contract with lulu.

Price hardcover: € 149. not including postage or handling.

We sell only one book per customer. There is no reduction for book resellers.

To process your order please request an invoice so that postage and handling fees can be included. We ship only by DHL unless otherwise requested. Please provide an address to which the shipment can easily be delivered. You may also wish to provide a telephone number to expedite delivery.

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